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Please complete a separate form for each voucher that you would like to order. Vouchers typically take 10 business days for processing from purchase to completion. However, they may take longer due to holidays or other circumstances. Please enter the Purchaser and Recipient Name information EXACTLY as it appears on the Driver's License. If you are both the Purchaser and the Recipient (that is, if you are purchasing this voucher for yourself) you must enter your name and Driver's License information in both sets of fields. The Recipient MUST have a Florida Driver's License #, but the Purchaser may have a license from any state. As the purchaser, you will receive a transaction email confirming each voucher purchased from this website. Save your receipt -- since FNPS is a 501(c) charity, $25 of your purchase may be tax deductible. The recipient will receive an email from which lists their name along with your name as the purchaser. By purchasing vouchers through this site you are agreeing to receive transactional communications for your purchase as well as related communications from the Florida Native Plant Society.


Name must match name on driver's license.
Purchaser Mailing Address
License Plate Voucher Purchaser
Choose Yes if you are both the purchaser and the recipient. The duplicate fields will then be filled automatically.

Recipient Information

These fields are for the person who will receive the voucher. It can be the same as the purchaser. The voucher must be used for a Florida license tag. It cannot go to anyone whose vehicle is not registered in Florida.
Name as listed on driver's license
This email will be used to deliver the voucher. The notification will include the name of the purchaser.
Must be a Florida license. 13 characters, no spaces.
Recipient Vehicle License Tag
The vehicle must be registered in Florida.
No spaces.
County where tag was issued
Recipient Vehicle Description
These fields help if there is any issue regarding identification of the vehicle for which the voucher is being purchased.